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Rivers By the Sea real estate gurus offer array of services

By Alyce Nicolo
[email protected]

August 10, 2005 YORK MAINE- While helping others find the house of their dreams, Rivers By the Sea real estate agency purchased a new home of its own.

Last June, the agency opened its new sales office in York Harbor.

Don and Mary Rivers have owned the full service real estate agency for more than 20 years.

Services include rentals, sales, real estate development, property management and property construction. Last year, the agency began offering mortgage services.

Rivers By the Sea rents, sells and manages properties throughout York County.

The new sales office is a chance for the company to reach out beyond the Nubble area and gain visibility, said Lorri O'Brien, daughter of Don and Mary Rivers, who works at Rivers By the Sea.

"We're not your average real estate team," said O'Brien.

She said the agency is unique because team members do not compete for sales.

"When we get a listing, the goal is for a quick sale, not a competition for who makes the sale," she said.

Rivers By the Sea is also the only agency open on Sundays, she said, adding that because of property management duties, the team is on call almost 24 hours a day.

In addition to a new office, Rivers by the Sea also boasts an expanded sales team.

"What I want people to realize is that we're not just a bunch of Realtors with second jobs," said O'Brien.

Nancy Donahue is a veteran in the sales department and her husband Tim Donahue has experience in real estate law.

O'Brien has worked for the company for five years and focuses on sales marketing. Her husband, Paul O'Brien, brings business sales experience to the team.

Laura Holder, the newest addition to the team, is a former business owner who has lived in York for more than 30 years.

All of the employees have college degrees in various fields, said O'Brien.

"There is a wealth of business and real estate experience," she said.

Her father, Don Rivers, owns more than 20 investment properties, making him "extremely knowledgeable as both a seller and a buyer," she said, adding that the agency is privy to a circle of potential buyers because of its rental services. "People summer here in a rental for 10 years then decide they want to buy, and they come to us ... The system really complements itself."

In her eyes, O'Brien said, the family-owned aspect and integrated approach makes Rivers By the Sea a unique business.

For information, visit The sales office can be reached at 363-3230 and the rentals office is at 363-3213.

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